mandag, oktober 24, 2005

Modules that I've taken (and that I'm currently taking)

Semester 1, Academic Year 2010/2011 (in NUS):
1) GEK1505: Living with Mathematics
2) GEK2024: Political Ideologies
3) LAJ1201: Japanese 1
4) PH2213: Metaphysics
5) PH2214: Philosophical Logic

Semester 2, Academic Year 2009/2010 (in NUS):
1) CH2218: Translation and Interpretation
2) EL1101E: The Nature of Language
3) GEM2505: Taming Chaos
4) PH2222: Greek Philosophy
5) PH4201: Philosophy of Science
6) SC2214: Mass Media and Culture

Semester 1, Academic Year 2009/2010 (in BU):
1) CAS PH436: Gender, Race and Science
2) CAS PH456: Topics in Philosophy and Religion
3) CAS PH463: Philosophy of Language

Semester 2, Academic Year 2008/2009 (in NUS):
1) PH2110: Logic
2) PH2216: Environmental Philosophy
3) PH3202: Philosophy of Law
4) PH3211: Theory of Knowledge
5) PS3232: Democratic Theory

Semester 1, Academic Year 2008/2009 (in NUS):
1) GEK1510: Great Ideas in Contemporary Physics
2) PH2203: Major Moral Philosophers
3) PH2208: Applied Ethics
4) PH3212: Philosophy of Mind
5) PH3213: Knowledge, Modernity and Global Change

Semester 2, Academic Year 2007/2008 (in NUS):
1) LAG2201: German 2
2) PH2201: Major Political Philosophers
3) PH2207: Hume and Kant
4) PH3206: Recent Philosophy
5) SSA2206: Islam and the Contemporary Malay Society

Semester 1, Academic Year 2007/2008 (in NUS):
1) CH1101E: An Introduction to Chinese Studies
2) EU1101E: The Making of Contemporary Europe
3) LAG1201: German 1
4) PH1101E: Reason and Persuasion
5) SC1101E: Making Sense of Society

5 kommentarer:

Agagooga sagde ...

If you are a Philosophy major why did you take the exposure so late?!

Miao sagde ...

Hello Agagooga,

I'm only in my 2nd year now. I took the philosophy exposure module in my very 1st semester in NUS - it's titled Reason and Persuason. :D

Agagooga sagde ...

Oh. It's in reverse chronological order. Paiseh.

Miao sagde ...

Heh, it's OK. :) I've added a link to your Recovering Christians blog, btw. Your entries are intelligent and enjoyable.

Agagooga sagde ...

Oh that one's more or less dead.

You could try: