lørdag, december 02, 2006

A Grave

I know Death has befallen,
and I am not saddened.
In the pine woods my dreams lay quiet.
Beside the sea I rest - from afar it shimmers like a lake,
under the afternoon sun, as the sunlight gives chase
after my shadow, little by little, without a trace.

My time has ended. Life is long and never-ending.
In the middle of my journey I should have sought recess.
People walking by say that the branches are depressed.
People walking by say that the branches are growing.

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Metamatician sagde ...

Brilliant! Your mind seems, like mine, to find sadness, stillness - all those things considered negative - to instead be incredibly beautiful.

I like the juxtapositions like "Life is long and never-ending" even though you've acknowledged a death. Also The last two lines are perfect for showing the circle of rebirth in the world.