mandag, januar 14, 2008

Creativity or error?

I am reading a friend's blog and I find that what she has written in one of her entries is resoundingly true. Sometimes redefining syntax for creative or artistic purposes is not appreciated as a stroke of genius but is condemned as an embarrassing error. I am not referring to myself because I have not attained enough proficiency to demand recognition for unorthodox efforts yet; I am just reminded of some rather talented friends I have whose writings often go unnoticed or earn insufficient praise simply because they deviate - even if just slightly - from convention. A pity, really, because I sincerely think they have so much more potential than other people whose writings may earn As but are seriously merely OK.

Maybe people with poetic licenses are just treated differently. Be famous and you can pass anything off as awe-inspiring literature. Nothing succeeds quite like success, huh?

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