onsdag, september 03, 2008

Mathematicians can sing too

Dr Berliner (I heard that some professors actually key their own names into the Google search engine, so I'm concealing his identity here by using a pseudonym lest he ends up finding my blog) brought up CERN during his lecture yesterday, so I sent him the Large Hadron Rap video, since I thought he might be interested in it. In return he shared this video with me:

My goodness, these guys can sing infinitely better than Singapore Idol contestants! OK, I admit that I exaggerated. Maybe not infinitely better - probably just approximately 1000 times better. This is really kind of cool. I'm so easily amused by cerebral entertainment these days that I suspect that I'm turning into a semi-geek.

2 kommentarer:

president of singapore sagde ...

your professor sent you a love song!!

...ha, just kidding.=P your professor is cool. heh

Miao sagde ...

-.-" Luckily I didn't reveal his real identity because some people may interpret this uncharitably in all the wrong ways.

Anyway, yeah, he's quite nice.