torsdag, juni 07, 2012


Many thanks to Ung Studerende for posting a link to my blog on his. As you can tell, my blog underwent a long drought due to embarrassing neglect on my part. Right now I am busy working on a few exam assignments, but I would love to start writing again once I am finished with the work I currently have on hand. I have plans to start a few new blogs (but I am not sure if I will have the dedication to finally bring them into fruition or the stamina to ensure their longevity), and tentatively it has been decided that there will be one written in Danish, one written in Mandarin Chinese, one for academic posts in English and one more for literary works in English. Please watch this space for more updates, if you find that my writing is to your liking so far. Meanwhile, if you have a lot of time to kill, feel free to visit my archives. Criticisms, both constructive and destructive, are always welcome, insofar as they are made in good faith.

Thank you for visiting.

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