mandag, januar 01, 2007

It doesn't matter where

We are born, so to speak, provisionally, it doesn't matter where; it is only gradually that we compose, within ourselves, our true place of origin, so that we may be born there retrospectively.

- Rainer Maria Rilke

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Jingoistic sagde ...

An excellent quote for the New Year! I'm sure Rilke features heavily in the Time Travellers Wife, although I can't be sure.

A question that has always bugged me: did you design the layout by yourself? It really is excellent :D

the usual stuff sagde ...

Sorry I don't remember the author, but I read it on Ian Flemming's "You only live twice":
'You only live twice.
When you are born
and when you die'
And my favorite, by Guillermo Prieto:
'The abyss doesn't scare me.
Cascading water is far more beautiful'

Lonie Polony sagde ...

Aha! I found you. Only by accident though :D

Miao sagde ...

Jingo: You're correct - Rilke is heavily quoted in the The Time Traveler's Wife. Anyway my layout is actually one of the default layouts designed by Blogger, I only changed the HTML codes a little so as to make it more personalised. :)

The Usual Stuff: Nice quotes! Thanks for sharing. :D

Lonie Polony: ;)